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For everything there is a time; and with every thing comes its own time frame. With yourself, you are allowed patience, for you are on nobody’s time table but your own.
–Amanda Tuzzolino

I think the easiest ticket to ensure that you will be remembered is to come up with a quote. Of course, it needs to be official, i.e. published in something somewhere: an interview, a journal article you wrote for whatever your specialized area of study is, etc. etc. etc.

[There are two types of history: pre-history (before language and the written word; think Cro Mangnon Men and Neanderthals) and written history (think Egyptians & the Rosetta stone; Hummurabi’s Law Code.)]

There is a simpler way to be remembered for something you said, too, and that’s to talk.

Talk to the people you’re closest to; always try to give the best advice you can — that is when they are seeking advice; otherwise, just shut up and listen).

We tend to give advice based on what we know; based on our own, personal trial and error processes.
It is imperative that we never forget that

  • what works for us may not work for the next person
  • and that when the people around you come to you, they are not always seeking advice/guidance,
  • more times than not, they just want their thoughts and feelings to be heard


Just shut up and listen.
–Amanda Tuzzolino

Many attempts to communicate are nullified by saying too much.
–Robert Greenleaf

The first duty of love is to listen
–Paul Tillich

And he goes through life, his mouth open, and his mind closed.
–William Shakespeare

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